Company Culture and How Jungo Can Help

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I know, here at Jungo, maintaining a friendly and welcoming company culture is super important and making sure our entire company can communicate and organize effectively is what can take our company culture to the next level. The following are three ways we use Jungo to promote our company culture.

Utilizing Chatter for Instant Communication

Chatter, the internal chat system within Salesforce® and Jungo, is a great tool for instant communication across departments and locations. Chat is available inside of Jungo or you can download a version that works much like skype. Having this connection means that people can be alerted and updated instantly on any urgent cases or customers. Links can be sent back and forth pulling information directly from the contact page of the customer in question, giving users instant access to their entire activity history. Overall our employees are able to move quicker and more effectively when connected on chatter.

Utilizing Chatter to Promote Employee’s Performances

Nothing creates a thriving company culture like acknowledgment of a job well done and Chatter’s feed is the perfect place to do that. Due to the team integration possibilities with Jungo, your managers and admins, can post awards and achievement by various employees, giving them a personal shout out that will be seen by the entire company. This sort of acknowledgment can lift a team’s morale and make other employees eager to receive the same recognition.

Logging Interactions to Keep Everyone on the Same Page

One of the most original intentions of Jungo was to provide a system that could house pages and pages of customer interactions to make sure that anyone could know, at a glance, where a customer is and how to serve them best. This is still very true of our system and is illustrated best with the task, events, and log-a-call feature on each contact and loan page. Using these quick forms of notation, you can create a detailed list of each interaction you have had with your customers so that if anyone has to pick up from where you left off, they are completely informed with dates and descriptions of each interaction. This creates a thriving team environment where employees are informed and responsive.

Having an internal software system that allows cross company communication and dialogue is a powerful tool in creating great company culture, and Jungo is a great example of this. Checkout Jungo today and see why so many other teams have chosen us to promote their companies and take their teams to the top.

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