From Lead to Close: Part 2

How-To Guides

Loan Process

There are 5 Main items we assist with during the loan process: Data, Marketing, Client and Partner Retention, Loan Document Management, and Reporting.


Well, to keep your process as similar as possible once you switch to Jungo we have built direct integration’s with various LOS Systems to pull the loan data you are required to enter there, into Jungo to avoid double data entry. This is literally as simple as, enter data in your LOS. On the next pull, which is every hour, that data will appear in Jungo, updating the corresponding contact without creating duplicates. Basically, it uses certain filters like email, last name, and date of birth to avoid updating the incorrect contact. Once that loan is created in Jungo and the contact is updated, Jungo starts working hard to help you close that loan as quickly as possible


Campaigns: There are two, loan in process, campaigns in Jungo, these campaigns will give your borrower constant reminders to check in on their loan and keep pushing forward. These campaigns are the Do’s and Don’ts during the loan process, and Loan Process Tips, both contain multiple versions to choose from and can be automated or set off manually.

For Client and Partner Retention

Automated milestone updates: These will alert both clients and partners as the loan hits a new milestone, keeping everyone as informed as possible after the change is made. Those alerts can be emails, videos, or text messages depending on your preference.

  • Email: Out-of-the-Box Jungo has over 400 email templates, many of which are a part of these email updates. They are created to be completely customizable with your logo and disclaimers.
  • SMS: If your client or yourself prefers to send out these updates in a more personal way, you can send texts directly from Jungo. There are corresponding text templates that we use, that can also be customized to fit your specific needs.
  • Video: if you want to utilize video messaging Jungo is happy to help. We have integrations with some amazing video messaging apps like Vidyard and BombBomb, but if you are looking for a slightly more cost-effective solution we can also pull in links to videos you are hosting on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo and incorporate them either into the drip marketing campaigns OR the updates to borrowers and transaction partners.

Reffinity: You may also want to be updating those partners on the status of each one of their referrals, that is possible with Reffinity, an automated referral report that sends to partners weekly to inform them about the referrals currently in the loan process and the last interaction you had with them.

Loan Document Management

Jungo provides some out-of-the-box solutions for this and some integration options. Jungo can upload files direct to loan records keeping them all in one place, but to receive documents faster, we also have DocsBar, a needs list generator that will allow you to create fast needs list emails with the name and description of each document you are waiting on. As far as integration goes we integrate with lots of document systems like DocuSign, Evernote, and Box, but my favorite is our integration with Floify that allows you to login to Floify directly from inside of Jungo and automates your DocsBar tab to fill out the check boxes and your client sends in their documents.


As a loan officer or branch manager it is imperative that you have an eye on what is going on in your pipeline. Luckily, Jungo has our reports and dashboards tabs.

Reports: Are basically online excel spread sheets of data breakdowns to show you things like: all the loans in your pipeline, how many tasks your assistant completed that day, closed volume year to date and how many documents you are still waiting on.

Dashboards: Don’t need a full breakdown? Head over to dashboards and get a quick visual recap of your entire database. There are various dashboards available and more can be created or customized but, out-of-the-box you have sales dashboards, analytics dashboards, and marketing dashboards to give you great feedback about where you stand.

As you can see, Jungo provides a ton of solutions and features to start moving your loans through to close. Stay tuned for all the feature and solutions we provide post-close.

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