From Lead to Close: Part 3, The Post-Close Stage

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From Lead to Close: Post-Close Stage

Last week we covered the Loan in Process stage, today we are covering the post-close stage.

From Lead to Close: Post-Close Stage

No matter how amazing your lead and loan in process plans are, you always need to keep your clients satisfied post-close. Jungo knows it is just as important to market to, track, and retain closed clients as it is to get them to close, so we have multiple features to support post-close retention.

Concierge allows you to simply choose packages from a drop-down during the post-close stage. From there Jungo will send your closed clients cards and gifts directly branded as your company and loan officer. There are multiple packages to choose from, some for borrowers and some for transaction partners.

This is a drip marketing campaign specific to the post-close stage. This will drip refinance information on your clients every month, keeping your awesome service at the forefront of their minds.

Automated Survey

Want some feedback on how your customer service is going? Automate surveys to send out to recently closed clients to get instant input on clients moods & your service so that you know how to improve. This can be automated or manual, whichever you prefer.

Using the new Mortgage Coach integration, you can send a mass mortgage review to possible refinance candidates. Send directly from Jungo using the mortgage review list view. This will send a TCA presentation to all these closed loans and also stir up some great repeat business for you.

No matter which stage you are in, Jungo is here to help with multiple features and solutions for each step of the process.  Which features are you using?

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