Jungo’s DocsBar and Floify Integration

Loan Management
Jungo DocsBar/Floify

Leverage Jungo’s DocsBar and Floify to streamline your loan document management and save you time!

When a borrower starts a loan application with you, all you’ll need to do is click a button in Jungo to start a loan flow. Since Jungo + Floify are fully integrated, Jungo will push this information to Floify, and Floify will automatically sync back to Jungo as the borrower’s documents progress.

Automated Needs Lists

From Jungo, you can also automate sending needs lists to your borrowers. This means that every time a borrower submits a document, Floify tracks it. Then, you can decide how often you’d like your customer to receive an up-to-date needs lists email from you, and Floify will automatically make that happen.

To read more about loan document management with Jungo, click here.

Loan Updates

Another great benefit of utilizing Jungo + Floify is the consistent updates for you! Every time a customer submits a document, you will receive an email notifying you. This is a great way to track a loan’s status, without having to always remember to manually check.

Best of all, by using a document management system such as Floify, you’ll save a lot of time. By automating repetitive tasks in your day, you can focus on the high-value tasks. Whether you use this extra time to meet with referral partners, nurture new leads, or focus on your business’ marketing, your loan volume will benefit! You can let technology take care of the frustrating and inefficient parts of your