The Mortgage Update: Home Habits and The 10/30 Rule

The Mortgage Update
home habits

When thinking about your clients, brainstorm ways to aid them in the moving process, or even in their present home habits. After all, coming home to a clean and tidy house helps put homeowner minds at ease, because it is one less thing to worry about.

So, how do people make their apartments and homes look neat and stylish? Well, maybe they put the 10/30 rule into play! 

Created by Jordan Page, the 10/30 Rule is a mantra that keeps people accountable on chores, tasks, and, in this case, home habits. It is essentially ten extra steps in your routine, and thirty extra seconds to implement each step.  

home habits

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So, educate your borrowers on the 10/30 rule and how it can lead to a cleaner home and a healthier budget.  

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Bottom Line

Among many other home habits, the 10/30 rule, when put into practice, eliminates undone tasks. These often hang over your clients and drain their energy, which can lead to difficult communication regarding large decisions like homeownership. 

An overall outcome of putting the 10/30 rule into practice is that home habits become much more in order than they were before. So, educate your clients on how efficiency makes a positive visual, mental, and emotional difference.