From Lead to Close: Part 1

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Lead to Close

As we all know, the loan process has three distinct stages from a lead to close: lead, loan in process, and closed. These stages can look different depending on the loan officer’s preferences or the situation, so how does one know what features of Jungo to utilize in each stage? Well, it’s hard because there are so many possibilities. For the next three weeks, we will try to breakdown nearly every feature that can be utilized in each stage so that you can piece together the ultimate lead, loan in process, and closed plan. Starting today with…

The Lead Stage

Leads seem to come into a loan officers path one of three ways, through a web page, through a vendor, or through a referral. Jungo provide solutions for each of these.

  1. In the case of a Web lead, Jungo can use a feature called web-to-lead that connects your landing page, and will send that leads data, once entered in a 1003, from there in to Jungo. This is a feature we call lead capture.
  2. In the case of a vendor situation, a lead simply types their info into the vendor you are using, say Zillow, and that information populates into a Jungo lead page, much the same as mentioned above. This is called lead integration.
  3. Then of course there is the possibility of a realtor referral. This can be split into two options as well depending on whether this was a referral given through word of mouth or via email.
  • Email: let’s say that realtor sent you an email, with email integration, you can simply open your Salesforce® sidebar, and create that new contact directly from your email vendor.
  • Word of Mouth: if the realtor has simply mentioned this new lead to you, you can quick create a contact inside Jungo filling out any important information and saving it for your records.

But no matter how you choose to get the contact created, it is simple and painless.

Now that we have that lead in the system, how do we convert them? Once again, Jungo has a few different options here.

  1. Automation’s: Set of an introduction emails or set tasks for your team automatically call leads as they come in.
  2. Drip marketing campaigns: There are two campaigns based on the lead stage like our prospective home buyer campaign and prospective refinance campaigns. These can be set off automatically upon contact creation or you can set them off manually by changing the campaign drop down to reflect the campaign you wish to start.

Lead starting to go cold? We have solutions for that too.

  1. Integration with Mortgage Coach: means you can send a Total Cost Analysis presentation to refinance leads to let them know the possible saving when taking out a new loan.
  2. Lead Hot List: If you are using our new Lightning interface, on the home tab check out the “Lead Hot List” and using integration with a dialer like phone burner or ring central, you can bust through these leads, speed dialing them and hopefully igniting their interest.

Want to focus on the most likely lead candidates?

  1. Customizations: add a field to your contact page called “lead score” and give your lead scores based on your interactions with them. From there you can pull lists of your most likely leads and focus your energy on converting them.

As you can see Jungo provides a plethora of solutions and features to start capturing and converting your leads. Stay tuned for all the feature and solutions we provide during the loan process.

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