Post-Close Marketing

Keeping in touch after the close is one of the best ways to ensure your clients
aren’t rate shopping with another lender when it comes time to refinance or buy
another property. And, it’s a great way to bring in more referrals. But, it’s
the hardest thing to remember to do!

Jungo Makes Post-Close Follow Up Easy

Jungo makes follow up easy with Concierge Packages, including cards and gifts that are automatically sent to closed clients directly from your CRM. Click here to see Jungo’s popular Concierge Package options.

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Automated Post-Close Email Campaigns

Your Jungo subscription includes a variety of ``Keep in Touch`` email campaigns to choose from. Emails are sent once a month, keeping your awesome service front and center with helpful tips for homeowners. See our Marketing page to learn more about Jungo's wide selection of drip marketing campaigns.

Keep Clients For Life
With Post Closing Gifts & Cards