The Property Listing

Create single property websites with just an MLS number.

Start building single property websites for free

SEO Optimized

Your listing is easily discoverable via search engines.

Mobile Friendly Website

Beautiful viewing on mobile or desktop.

Customizable Branding

So you look good, all the time.

Immediate Lead Capture

Your leads stay your leads, and drop right into your CRM.

Showcase Your Property

Create Single Property Websites With The Property Listing

Highlight Property Photos From the MLS


Easily pull in all the home details and photos from the MLS, and showcase them on your single property website. 

Tell The Buyer Everything About the Property


Interested buyers can learn more about the property on your single property site by browsing the home’s description and amenities.

Create Single Property Websites With The Property Listing
Create Single Property Websites With The Property Listing

Feature Local Schools


Display the neighborhood’s public and private schools on the single property website, answering a future buyer’s question before they even ask.

Get Buyers to The Property’s Open Houses


Streamline your communication with an open house schedule right on the single property website. Fewer phone calls means more time for high value tasks. 

Upcoming Open Houses. Single Property Sites. The Property Listing
Create Single Property Websites With The Property Listing

Make It Easy To See The Property’s Location


Sell more with interactive features. Interested parties can visualize themselves living in the neighborhood. 

Your Property, Your Leads

Feature Your Branding


Co-brand with your realtor partner. Get valuable exposure.

Push Leads To Your CRM


Don’t lose another lead again with automatic follow-up tasks in your CRM. 

The Property Listing

Engage Buyers Right Away


Receive email alerts the moment that a buyer submits their information.

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Single Property Sites FAQ

What is The Property Listing?

The Property Listing is a single listing website creation tool that is included with your Jungo account. Build your site with just an MLS number. Property pictures and home details are pulled in automatically, saving you time and headaches. Then, customize the look and feel of your site to match your branding. You can even co-brand with your relator partner!


Buyers can find your single property website via organic web searches, because every site is search engine optimized. And the websites look beautiful no matter where they are viewed, since they are designed for flawless desktop or mobile viewing.

Why do single property websites work?

Property Listings feature beautiful branding and simple lead capture. Plus, you’ll gain traffic organically, with leads coming to you. You can also share your single property website on social media, guiding buyers to your property.

Can I post a link of my single property website to social media?

Yes! Each Property Listing comes with a unique URL, that can then be posted on any social media platform.

Will I be notified when a lead submits their information on a site?

Yes! You and your realtor partner will receive an email letting you know that you have an interested lead. Lead data is automatically dropped into your Jungo account and a follow-up task for you is also created. No more double data entry and higher lead conversion rates? Yes, please.

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