Post-Close Marketing with Jungo

Post-Close Marketing

Client Appreciation and Post-Close Marketing Has Never Been Easier.

Post-Close Marketing, In a Snap

With Jungo’s Post-Close Marketing solution, you can send branded cards and gifts to closed clients and referral partners at the right time without ever having to think about it.

Keeping in touch after the close is one of the best ways to ensure that your clients aren’t rate shopping with another lender when it comes time to refinance or buy another property. And, it’s a great way to bring in more referrals. But, it’s the hardest thing to remember to do!

Jungo makes loan follow-up easy with concierge packages. Send cards and gifts directly to your clients, right from your CRM. This is an easy and affordable way to increase customer loyalty.

With different packages to choose from, Jungo delivers timely gifts and cards via USPS to your selected clients.

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